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North Surrey Veterinary Emergencies in East MoleseyNorth Surrey Veterinary Emergencies (NSVE) was created by a non-corporate group of veterinary practices who required the highest standard of out-of-hours care for their clients and patients, but objected to the excessively high prices charged to both pet owners and vets by the 'corporate' service providers.

Why choose NSVE?
Our aim was to deliver excellence in out-of-hours clinical care, at a reasonable cost to the client, and to make this service available to all veterinary practices in our area WITH NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES. This we have achieved.

NSVE exists as a 'Value Added Service' - it is not designed to be highly profitable in its own right, but to support and enhance the high-quality service of the 'client practices'. Prices are designed to cover our running costs, not for profit. This reduces the cost to your clients.

We have a permanent, very stable staff of highly-experienced critical care vets and nurses with excellent 'bedside manners'. We do not use locums, new graduates or clinicians lacking in empathy! You will quickly come to know our out-of-hours staff by name, and build a close relationship of mutual trust with them. We know how important this is!

Our communication with you is excellent: we always telephone the practices first thing in the morning to check that all notes have been faxed and/ or emailed to you, and to discuss the cases we have seen with you.

As well as out-of-hours emergencies, we provide around-the-clock critical care, or direct specialist referral if required, always under joint direction with you, the client practice.

We can provide an out of hours Home Visit service to your clients if they cannot travel to NSVE. This service is provided by the partners and senior veterinary surgeons of NSVE, using our bespoke veterinary ambulance.

In the case of Postoperative Complications arising from your daytime practice, we DO NOT CHARGE consultation fees, and will only charge minimal surgical fees and medication costs which can be charged to the client practice at your discretion.

There is NO TRANSFER FEE for bringing or sending your cases to us for overnight or weekend care.

NSVE shares the facilities, and is partly supported by, Molesey Veterinary Centre: we have a VERY STRICT POLICY that MVC will NOT acquire clients from other member practices through the route of NSVE. This is strictly enforced, for obvious reasons, and in practice does not occur.

We do not insist on a binding contract to use our service, but will provide a 'letter of engagement' for the purposes of satisfying RCVS rules on OOH service provision. This means you can share your OOH cover between two or more OOH service providers if you wish with no 'penalty' from NSVE (no subscription fee, no restrictive contract), for instance if your practice location means that some of your clients may find it more convenient to use an alternative provider.

In short, we provide the out-of-hours and critical care you want for your clients, at reasonable cost - and we are always directly answerable to you! Our clinical and administrative staff are available throughout the day, to answer your queries or to deal with any issues whatsoever.

NSVE - The Emergency Vet YOU would choose!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

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If your usual daytime practice is closed, please call us directly for advice and attention.

0208 783 2850

North Surrey
Veterinary Emergencies

4 Park Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9LE

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